Design Forum has designed the framework for its Operational Models over the course of many projects for the diverse markets worldwide. We have a well-defined proven methodology that facilitates quality and quick turn-around, from the start of the project to the final dispatch.



  • Preparation of Master Plan
  • Preparation of Preliminary Schematic Drawings
  • Outline Specification
  • Preliminary Cost Estimation
  • Preparation of Approval drawings to the concerned authorities.


  • Preparation of detailed plans of the main building and other ancillary building with respect to their utility and zoning.
  • Preparation of Elevation drawing as per the decided concept.
  • Designing other allied services.

Project Management

  • inspection of work at site with respect to quality & progress periodically.
  • Issuing of revised drawings, if there is variance at site.
  • Checking the workmanship and sample of materials with respect to quality.
  • Checking the bills submitted by the contractor and certifying them for payment.
  • Periodically reporting the above to the management in order to take corrective steps if necessary.
  • Taking corrective steps to achieve the target completion date and quality.


  • Assisting in short listing / selection of Contractors for the Tender.
  • Preparation of Contract document.
  • Preparation of necessary drawings to provide along with tender.
  • Preparation of comparative statement and assisting in the finalization of the Contractor


  • Interior

Structural design

  • Designing structural details
  • Designing all other allied buildings and services.